Knights’ Electric can take a motor control project from an idea or design, prepare a wiring diagram, determine the components for the enclosure and complete a fully automatic control system for a variety of commercial or industrial applications.

Motor Control projects range from small motors to refrigeration systems and complete winery crush areas.

Knights’ control shop uses top quality Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), such as Allen-Bradley, which are programmed to perform in various motor control applications.

Knights’ motor control products are UL listed attesting to their highly regarded quality.

The research and development team at Knights’ Electric is known for their innovative approach to motor control. The touch screen control is an example of cutting edge technology that has been installed at wineries to control tank levels, water levels, the crush area and refrigeration.

Motor Control Products

For Manual or Fully Automated Control Applications

  • Touch Screen Control/Monitor
  • Flexible programming with up to 100 pages
  • Up to1000 functions
  • Data Acquisition
  • Push Button Control
  • NEMA 1-4 X indoor & outdoor applications
  • Painted surface or 12 gauge stainless steel