Custom Electrical Systems

Elegant automated winery lighting, commercial warehouse retrofits, new construction with energy efficient electrical systems are among our specialties.

Knights’ Electric manufactures complete electrical systems for industrial complexes, commercial building and wineries – from the most basic panel to automated rotary fermentation system – using the highest quality parts in the industry. Our standards have earned us UL (United Laboratories) approval for all of our custom control systems.

We have built a reputation for quality workmanship and we listen to what you need. We can design and deliver a product that gives you total control. Knights’ Electric uses the highest quality brand components in the assembly of their motor control and pump stanchion products.

Installation and Maintenance

From fabrication to installation, Knights’ Electric will complete the construction phase. Your relationship with Knights’ does not end with installation; we offer ongoing maintenance and service programs, as well as 24-hour electrical assistance. Specializing in a complete engineer-design-build process of a winery’s entire electrical system, Knights’ will save you time and money with streamlined and coordinated efforts.

At Knights’ Electric, we design and build UL approved custom motor controls and produce specialized pump stanchions to suit all electrical and architectural requirements.

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Data/Communications
  • Controls
  • Automation

No Project is TOO BIG or TOO SMALL!