What Is Energized Electrical Maintenance Service (EEMS)?

Knight’s Electric offers EEMS, which protects your power system from potential system failures that can prove costly to your business. Let us introduce you to a service that will minimize costly downtime by maintaining your facility’s power quality.

Our EEMS technicians are highly trained and experienced. We hold our technicians to the highest standards of performance, safety, and quality of service.

Knights’ Electric experience and knowledge of electrical systems and power usage can increase your bottom line and your electrical efficiency. Let us show you how a custom service or maintenance program can benefit your company.

Why Is EEMS So Important To Your Business?

  • “Your facility is more likely to burn down because of an electrical hazard than from any other cause.”
    — From Facility Manager’s Alert.
  • “Nearly two-thirds of all electrical distribution fire losses could have been avoided.”
    — From the National Fire Protection Association.
  • “Power-related problems cost U.S. companies $30 billion A YEAR in lost time and revenue.”
    — From the Electric Power Research Institute.
  • “80% of all power quality problems occur on the building’s side of the meter.”
    — From The Edison Electric Institute and Electrical Power Research Institute.
  • “A one-hour electrical outage costs an estimated $1,437 at small businesses (up to 250 workers).” Over 88% of owners had from one to six power outages a year.
    — From an Impulse Research Study reported in USA Today.
  • Statistics show that without proper care, the failure rate of electrical components is three times higher.
    — From IEEE.

Benefits Of EEMS

Knights’ Electric EEMS can reduce business interruption costs and extend equipment life by offering a proactive service program. Benefits include potential power bill savings and reduced cost of repairs. In addition to minimizing power concerns, our work will help to minimize safety risks to personnel.

Our Promise to EEMS Clients

Knights’ Electric EEMS Technicians will provide primary support and take full responsibility for work performed. You will receive detailed service reports and all potential problems will be brought to your attention in a timely manner so that we can minimize potential problems by providing corrective action. All work completed will include a written report that can be used for insurance, inspection and/or an accrediting representative.

As an EEMS client you will receive priority 24/7 emergency service from our technicians.