Conserving Energy

Knights’ Electric can support your energy needs, whether big or small, commercial or residential and simple or difficult. We can provide uninterruptible power supplies, automatic transfer switches and electrical switchgear. With our professional team of electrical specialists and engineers we can provide you with the power systems and support you need.

Over the years Knights’ Electric has installed numerous residential standby generators including the many upscale homes they have contracted for complete electrical systems and lighting. Knights’ Electric is an authorized dealer and service agent for Guardian Generators in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. “Most of the calls we get for generator installations come directly from Guardian,” says Barbara Ragsdale, CFO at Knights’ Electric, “Customers can visit their website and then contact the company.”

Knights’ Electric offers installation, service and consultation to customers buying generators. Scott Webb, Knights’ Electric’s Guardian Generator Specialist, has worked with homeowners to help them determine their needs when purchasing a generator. “We want to make sure the generator isn’t too small to do the job, you don’t want over kill either,” says Webb. When there is a power outage customers need to be aware that a generator doesn’t have to power everything that was on, you can conserve energy by only using the essentials like hot water, lights and heating.

Customers can purchase a “start-up” package from Knights’ Electric when they purchase a generator, which includes installation, checking the voltage and can also include changing the power source from natural gas to propane if desired. The generator set up can also feature an automatic transfer switch that monitors power from PG&E and will turn on the generator if PG&E power is lost. During the storm season everyone would feel good about having a generator.

Our exemplary service records show our dedication for setting up and restoring power for all manner of industries and residences:

  • Knights’ Electric helps Kendall Jackson restore power
  • Knights’ and the 2003 Power Outage Season

Using past experience and making some assumptions, if equipment information is not available, Knight is able to calculate the amperage needed for an electrical service at a proposed project site.